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Pet food packing film

Multi-Layer Lamination Food Packaging Films For Pet Food Packaging Film

Quick Detail:

1) usage: printed and laminated roll film for automatic packaging usage

2) function: high barrier laminated material, low solvent residual, good heat seal ability

3) material: depends on the product requirement.

Food Packaging Film Description

We could product the printed roll film by traditional dry lamination or solvent-less lamination. By solvent-less technique we could improve the solvent residual to 1/20 of EU standard level which results in a very competitive product in the food industry.
The multi-layer lamination structure is effectively preventing the goods from moisture and oxygen. Other properties like good anti-static function, high tensile strength, strong puncture resistance.

Food Packaging Film Usage :

Solid: Nuts, coffee, milk powder, beverage powder, snack, sugar, biscuit, chips, candy, dried food, dried fruit, pet food, seeds, tea, herbal, wheat, cereals, tobacco, washing powder, salt,sugar, bread, flours, rice, granules, pharmaceuticals and agriculture products etc.

Food Packaging Film Style

The style can be bottom gusset, side gusset, stand up with press zipper or slider zipper, sealed in the back corner, sealed in the back center, flat... We can also punch the tear notches, hanger hole, euro hole etc

Printing: 10 colors, attractive designs
Polyester(outside layer): Excellent printing surface, provide strength.
Aluminum Foil/VMPET: Barrier layer, protects from moisture, light, gases, extends shelf life.
Polythene(PE): Physical food contact layer

Food Packaging Film Features:

Security, superior printing quality, great to prevent leakage, easy to open, high oxygen and light barrier, excellent moisture-proof, 100% health.
With bottom gusset to help bags stand up right on shelf
Up to 10 colors gravure printing to make the package much more attractive
Option feature like handle or tear notch for convenience use
Customizable dimensions to satisfy personal requirements
Various material structures to meet general and special function requirements
Free samples, Competitive price, large quantity discount

More Details

1) Food grade bag, eco-friendly ink, non-toluene producing condition

2) Moisture-proof, strong sealing automatic food packaging film,

3) Full colors packaging design, vivid printing,

4) Customized material, thickness, size, shape, and design are welcome.


We could offer laminated packaging film for majority industry automatic packaging machine.