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Vegetable and fruit packaging bags

Vegetable and fruit packaging bags

Fruit and Vegetables Packaging bags, customized fruit vent bag for fresh fruit packaging

Vegetable and fruit packaging bags, by its name, is a kind of plastic bag used for containing fresh fruits and vegetables consumers buy at farmer’s market or supermarket. This kind of bag is usually manufactured without carrier handle. It is mostly transparent without any printing or short printing symbols.

Before the produce Vegetable and fruit packaging bags was implemented, consumers would put the fresh produce in their clothe totes. But there is a disvantage that the toto will not be able to keep the fresh fruits always fresh. The invention of vegetable and fruit packaging bags make it all easier to keep the vetetables and fruits in the process of shopping or storage in the fridge.
Competitive Advantages:

› High sustainability takes your worry to break or torn if suppose.
› Reusability option in packaging can meets by grabbing zippers.
› High water resist barrier makes product quality pleasant.
› Small packaging or heavy packaging no matter always acquires less space than stiff containers offers less cost for transport and house ware.

we also can make three-side sealed bag, zipper stand up bag, MID-bottom or back sealing bag,
self-sealed bag, shapes bags, self-standing zip lock, ect.

what is the procedure of placing and order?

Design → Cylinder Making→Material Preparation→Printing→Lamination →Maturation Process→
Cutting→Bag making→Examing →Carton

Kind notes:

As to work out a packaging solution, customers should provide
below details:

1) Vegetable and fruit packaging bags bag style
2) Sizes
3) Materials structure & thickness
4) Artworks/designs
5) Order quantity
6) Special usage

If you have no idea about the above, please advise what product is packed inside, capacity,
frozen or heating, we will offer you suitable options.
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